8 Reasons We're Better

PADI Pro: Our Goals are Your Goals

It is our goal to make your transition from PADI Divemaster to Open Water Scuba Instructor stress-free and enjoyable. You'll find that the professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness of your instructors make our IDC program one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences of your life. Dive instructors make a higher salary by being excellent at what they do.

We teach you how to teach diving so you'll be qualified for a scuba instructor job, but you'll find the communication skills you acquire will benefit you in many aspects of day-to-day life. As a PADI Open Water Instructor, you are qualified to teach students from Discover Scuba Diving through Divemaster. We teach you how to conduct these courses as well as how to sell them, which not only makes your work more interesting, but also increases your scuba instructor salary.

1. Personal Attention

Our staff takes a personal interest in you. We have the time to devote to you and we spend that time honing your instructional skills before we turn you loose on real students. You'll be a highly motivated, well-trained instructor, and what's more, you'll make lifelong friends while working a job you love.

2. Teaching in the Real World

Not only will we train you to pass the PADI Instructor Exam, but we will teach you how to survive in the competitive diving industry of today. Bent and the staff doing plenty of role-modeling to show you inside tricks of the trade, and how to be the best you can be. We give you advanced training in sales with extra workshops like Positive Approach Selling so you can help your customers to buy what they really want to buy, making them happier and increase your scuba instructor salary.

3. A Full Nine-Day Program

After introducing PADI instructor development to Phuket in 1991, and conducting many different types of programs, we have designed our course to be efficient and fun. We'll teach you at a relaxed pace, making the learning experience stress-free and positive. A typical day begins at 9:00 AM and wraps up at about 4:00 PM, leaving plenty of time for studying, relaxing, and absorbing the information taught that day. We give you a day off both in the middle of the program and at the end before the exam. Bent and the staff will counsel you on the best way to make use of these days. We feel you learn more when you are rested and relaxed. You wont be forced to stay up until 11:00 PM each night doing unnecessary homework.

4. Outstanding Facilities

The facilities we use are top of the line and designed to make learning efficient and easy without wasting valuable time transferring between the classroom, the pool, or the beach. Sea Fun Divers (CDC center) is located at Le Meridien Beach Resort with private beach and house reef, a huge pool and plenty of classroom space. You will not find a better IDC location anywhere! If we can't beach dive due to seasonal weather, we will take you out on real dive boats rather than force you to struggle through the surf zone.

5. Always Up-To-Date

We always teach the most up to date PADI programs available, and use the latest presentation techniques developed by PADI to ensure you are learning in the most efficient way possible. We use PADI's newest PowerPoint presentations projected on to TVs via our laptop computer. These presentations include live-action video which help to clearly illustrate proper teaching techniques. We have a full library of all PADI DVDs which are available to you during the course.

6. Expert Instruction

Our full-time in-house Course Director and Staff Instructors have an unsurpassed working knowledge of all levels of PADI courses, as they are teaching these very courses every day. This gives them valuable insight into the practical everyday situations all PADI professionals face. This experience, along with their language abilities, makes for one of the best instructional teams around. We teach in English, but we have support for the Scandinavian languages, German, French, Korean, and Japanese. Bent is one of the most experienced and respected Course Directors in this part of the world.

7. Great Connections in the Industry

We have excellent relationships with most diving centers in Thailand, and we will do our best to help you find a job if you so desire. We have successfully employed most of the candidates who were seeking employment. We can also give you the ins and outs of how to work legally in this country. There are complications to the process, but diving is one of the biggest segments of the tourism industry in Thailand and there are jobs available.

8. Freebies and Extras

All of our candidates receive a free PADI Enriched Air Instructor Specialty so you can get started teaching this popular course right away. You also receive 20% off retail prices of dive gear, PADI materials, and day trips through the dive center. We will also offer you 10% any liveaboard you do during your stay here (not valid for other visits) before or after the course. We offer these through our liveaboard travel website. We also offer unlimited shore diving from the beach at Le Meridien one week prior to and during the IDC (weather permitting).

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